India:A Lot of Sandals

Of the two to three hundred people that took off their footware before entering the church, I was the ONLY one wearing shoes and socks. (I actually checked). It seemed that no one in the entire country wore shoes during the rainy season. It took me forever to untie or tie as I entered or exited buildings during the day. Everyone else just slipped in and out and were on their way. I had made a big mistake packing for this trip.

(24-70mm lens at 40mm, 1/100 sec, f4 ISO400)

4 thoughts

  1. its true! Not many people wear shoes and socks. When i was really young and living there i didnt even bother with sandals! I had never really thought about it though. Interesting how you don’t notice things when you’re accustomed to them.

  2. thats something i would have done too! i apreciate your blog gary! thanks for saying in contact with us “little ones ;)”

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