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I’ve come to a “Y” in the road. Until now, the adrenaline of travel has kept me wanting to keep traveling. The intoxication of the exotic has urged me again and again to go overseas. I have relished in all things foreign. But now, my comfortable existence at home is becoming more appealing. I am tempted to find excuses not to go. Why bother any longer with malaria avoidance, shots, giardia (don’t ask if you don’t know), questionable food and water, thieves and downright discomfort? I think this is a good place at which I have arrived. Inward examinations are taking place. I have discovered it will take more than just a selfish desire to visit far-flung locales. I know in my heart that if/when I leave again, it will not be as a travel junky, an addict of the far and away. My prayer is that God will fill me with such a love for people that it will transcend my love of the foreign, overcome my affinity for comfort, conquer any fear of the unknown and crush any pride I may have harbored. Should God ask me to leave again, I know I will be different.

┬ęCopyright Gary S. Chapman

Sudanese refugees: (135mm lens, 1/125 sec., f2, ISO320)

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  1. Wow! We sure do get so caught up in the adventure. Then we get tired (in our own strength) and want to give up and just be comfortable! Far too often we lose sight of seeing through God’s eyes and being motivated by HIS heart. This is good stuff Gary!

    Keep pressing on towards the goal…


  2. What you wrote, left me with no words, I didn’t quite know what to say and how to reply. All that I can really say is thank you for sharing and It was good.

  3. the little girl is precious… its hard to believe that families are so simple like this. thanks for your blog. i love to see the reftlection of your heart…


  4. I really enjoyed reading your post as i have been aching to hear what it is God would have me do with my own photography or whether i already know. I really enjoyed your work and see that your gifted ­čÖé Its scary to think of not using the gifts God has given us. Youll be in my prayers.


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