Pakistan: Matriarch

Christian woman in Pakistan praying

Female 58, Pakistan. “Every step we take in this life we have to take care growing up around Muslims. They have kept us off-balance, behind them. They never let us come alongside them. Pray for our coming generation that they can live in peace.”

She is the matriarch of the family, a pillar of strength, giving off confidence and security. When she bows her head in prayer you know that praying is not a ritual for her. It is her source, her foundation.

┬ęCopyright Gary S. Chapman

(Canon 5D, 24-105 @ 73mm, 1/80 sec, f4, ISO 640)

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  1. fantastic. amazing. I thought of my grandma when i read the last half of this. She is our families pillar. Prayer is no ritual for her either yet she does it religiously.

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