Pakistan: Brick-maker

Christian brick-maker in Pakistan

Christian brick-maker in Pakistan in front of a kiln


Male, 75, Pakistan. For $2.60 per day, this laborer must produce 1,000 bricks. “Being a Christian is not an easy way to go. It is a hard, challenging life. Sometimes the owner is not giving us full wages. But Jesus is keeping us in His safe hands. Jesus told the downtrodden to come and He will give them rest.”

The backbreaking work of a brick-maker is one of the few jobs that a Christian in Pakistan is permitted to do. It is a dawn to dusk type of job that often turns into a form of servitude because of the money “owed” to the owners. To meet their quota of bricks, a family is often forced to have their entire family working.

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(Canon 5D, 24-105 @24, 1/80 sec, f8, ISO 640)
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3 thoughts

  1. Gary,

    This is a powerful reminder of the privileges we enjoy as Christians in the western world, privileges that we all to often take for granted. Perhaps more importantly is the need to pray for the people of Pakistan, especially with the recent “emergency rule” that Musharraf has imposed upon the people. I look forward to more in the series.

    How did the assignment come into being? Was it something you wanted to do personally, or was it something you were assigned to do by a magazine/company, and will you be returning anytime soon?

  2. I was in Pakistan shooting for an NGO. The “Persecuted” story is a personal project I am working on. I am trying to decide if I want to do the project only about Pakistan or expand it to the world. Still praying. If you haven’t been to Pakistan and want to get a feel for it, try seeing the movie about the Daniel Pearl kidnapping and murder, A Mighty Heart. It gives a very true picture of what Pakistan is like today. Thanks for your comments. Thanks for praying.

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