Pakistan: Pastors


 This photo and the ones preceding introduce you to one facet of the persecuted church. It is not the story of those that are martyred (although that happens too). These are the stories, vignettes and glimpses of those who must endure. They experience a lifestyle of endurance, a lifetime of patient subjection to authority that seems determined to crush their faith. Some falter and fall victim to the ever-resent weight of fear, harassment and isolation. And for others, the pressure tends to purify. They begin to truly understand the simplicity of the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus.  Instead of sliding uncontrollably into the insidious trap of hatred toward their persecutors, they respond in prayer and love. Yet, they know and live under the shadow of the fact that this Gospel they live could get them killed. To protect their identity, the faces of these Christian pastors and church workers can not be fully disclosed.

©Copyright Gary S. Chapman 

(Canon 5D, 24-105 @ 105mm, 1/200 sec., f5.6, ISO 500) 

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  1. If people knew that more Chrisitans have been martyrd in the past 50 years – than in all the years combined – would we still feel so comfortable sitting in our warm comfy homes?
    WE must realize that we too could be facing the same situation someday and we must be willing to pray and do what we are called to do to help those that are suffering for the sake of Christ. And not to walk in fear – or even condemnation – but know that our God is Able! If we simply walk in obedience to His Word – He is the One that will indeed enable us to do what He has called us to do.
    We are to be salt and light. WE are called to win the lost! We are called to help the weak – feed the hungry – and visit those who are imprisoned. Not just the unsaved in prison – but our own brothers and sisters in Christ who are imprisoned for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
    I heard a Pastor once say “If you received $1000 for every person you witnessed to – would you witness more? If your answer is yes – then isn’t your love of money greater than your love for the lost?” What a eye opening question that was to me!!

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