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mexweb.jpgChange is good. It is exciting. Change is bad. It is scary. Change always arrives with the tandem emotions of excitement and fear. But, with my wife’s help over the years, I have learned to look at change as a new door opening, a fresh awakening to opportunity. Even if we are predisposed to hating the winds of change, passion is a powerful driving force that will not allow the status quo to exist. Thus, I wanted to introduce a slight remake to my business website. It is a new focus emphasizing the NGO/Humanitarian/Missions element of my photography.

4 thoughts

  1. everything changes. i like the welcoming photo of the man and his animals. the “photo shelter” thing is cool on your web sight. My goal this year is to get a web sight. blah!

  2. Jolie, Hey there…thanks for the heads-up on Gina’s blog. She sure knows how to write…great thoughts.

    Photoshelter is working out pretty well. I also have my images on I am trying both for a year to see which I will continue with.

  3. You show people your passion and what you want to do and in time you will be doing it. The hardest thing for me is staying true to what is best and not what I want only.

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