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My morning was spent in prayer with other believers.

May the church, those that hold fast to the truths of the Bible, rise up and be intentional in the living out of their faith. May we not be lulled to sleep by the prosperity, ease and apparent peace that surrounds us in this country. May God help us to consider the persecuted, the weak, the orphans, those whose lives are encompassed by fear and evil. Sometimes we just need to shake ourselves free from the fog of everyday living and not be so “me” focussed.¬†

©Copyright Gary S. Chapman 2008
(Canon 1Ds MarkII and Photoshop)

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  1. Sitting in the middle of a table top exercise for incident management; writing guidelines or in the middle of a conference call, I feel the tug of the Spirit to whisper a prayer or lift a praise on behalf of those I know who live at the brink of persecution for their faith or are orphans who know no family but each other and God as their Father.
    Confusing, distractin…no. I can do all things through Christ and the life that I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
    Pray to the Lord, that He provides a way for you to be emptied out so that He can fill you and keep filling you with Himself. I’ve come to know Him more only when there is less of me and more of Him.
    So, I read the sign in the picture above as Jesus, saying “My Way”.

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