Mexico: Time alone, together

We all need time alone…a time to pull apart from the daily. How much better is time alone, together. 

My natural tendency is to be a loner, but I am learning to embrace and even desire a more relational lifestyle.

We gathered in Mexico to pray, plan and listen, brothers and sisters with common goals and passions, birthed by the urging of the still small voice of God. Passion to bring aid to hurting people.  Passion to reach out and help.  Passion to hug an orphan. Passion to tell their stories. Passion to share a true representation of Jesus.


©Copyright Gary S. Chapman
(Canon 5D MarkII, 24-105mm@ 24mm, 1/1250 sec, f6.3, ISO 400)

One thought

  1. Hey my brother Gary, I have been in my cave for the past year as the PTSD and the associated feelings drove me into my hole. Jesus, my redeemer, saw me and had compassion on me and has called me out once again. This meeting and time together was restorative, healing and life changing. I will always thank God that He put me in your path. Your hand of fellowship is a sturdy one, one with true character and humility. It is a hand that gives Grace and comfort and that gives of itself. May the Lord bless those hands till time is no more. A look at hands can often tell you allot about the life of the person with out seeing anything else.

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