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In my last entry, I posted a photo I had taken in 1978 on assignment for my first newspaper job with the Brooksville Sun-Journal, a tri-weekly in Florida with a circulation of only 3,750.

While I was in Pakistan, Gerry Mulligan, who was managing editor of the paper then, found my blog and recognized the picture. Here’s what he had to say about the photograph: “At the time, the black residents of Brooksville were living in the projects that were down hill from the main section of town. No indoor plumbing. But the storm runoff and the sewer overflow went into the black section of town. We ran stories and photos and eventually the federal government stepped in with community development block grants to help rebuild the area. 

Some of the shacks people were living in dated back to the civil war and were used when the residents were still slaves.

It helped some at the time, but it’s still a very poor part of Brooksville.”


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  1. The first time I saw this photo, I honestly thought it had been photographed in a third world country not the USA!

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