Pakistan: You really have to want to meet!

Women at Christian church service in Pakistan

A church member uses a rented gun to protect church members andWorshipers gather on a Sunday, knowing that only a few days before, two pastors had been killed, two churches were burned and 35 homes razed in Karachi. They worship with the power of God’s grace that overcomes the fear that tries to paralyze them.

(Second photo) A church member uses a rented gun to protect church members and their guests during a service.

(Canon 5D MarkII, 24-105mm @47mm, 1/30 sec, f6.3, ISO 1000)

(Canon 5D MarkII, 24-105mm @45mm, 1/1250 sec, f8, ISO 1000)

Part of an ongoing project about the persecution of Christians in Pakistan.

┬ęCopyright Gary S. Chapman 2009

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  1. Gary, I have been following your work since David put me on to you, some time back. I must say I can’t stay away. Your work is truly inspirational. God has given you a gift and I thank him that you are using (it for His glory).

  2. Matt…thank you for the kind words that came unexpected but at a great time. As artists we want our work to be noticed yet glorify God at the same time. That is a very wobbly tightrope to walk at times…how do I promote my work and the message without taking the focus from God and putting it on myself. As I age, I think I am doing it better, but I give you permission to slap me up side the head if you see me going astray!


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