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All day yesterday I stared at this photo, a photo that heralds of majesty, immensity and awe. It was my anchor in a very stormy kind of day…the kind of day everybody has occasionally…the kind of day we try to mask with a cheery smile.

It was a day when huge waves of fear assailed me: fear of failure, fear of lack, fear that I really don’t have any talent, fear of rejection, fear because my future appears like an image through a dirty window.

The wonderment, reverence and magnificence invoked by these clouds was nothing less than a surety to my tortured mind that God is bigger than all of the phantasm with which fear tries to enslave us. Thank God peace has returned.

(Canon 5D2, 24-105mm @73mm, 1/60 sec, f5.6, ISO 100)

©Copyright Gary S. Chapman 2009

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  1. Gary, I know just what that feels like. I actually had that same kind of day the first night you had all of us over to your house to converse about the book. Resting in the validation and assurance only God can give me is the only thing, and the best, to set me free from it. Now if I could only tattoo it on my drawing hand then I will always be able to remember in times like these and not go into default mode.

    Hey, for the first time I realized something that I could possibly bear tattooed on me. Maybe I will do it…

    I’m glad peace has returned to you, especially because that means your stellar work continues!

  2. O’ man, that hits close to home. Your words reminded me of this past weekend… My friends & I were talking about the “faithful servant” and relating it to how when God gives “us” something, how in return “we” should give something back to him. I like to think that God has given a few of us a gift of taking pictures… but sometimes its easy to fall into the trap of nagative thinking that says, “I”m not good enough”…but when we trust God to make something Greater outta what we have, it all changes and spreads into wildfire. He makes things SO much better when we stop trying to do it on our own. I know, ive realized this over a hundred times… but I never get tiered of just falling into that re assurance.

  3. I came to your blog to see the new Pakistani pictures just tonight – but I needed to this picture and your personal words with it – today was one of those days…. Thank you for the reassurance!

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