Pakistan: When It Hits Home


Injustice is injustice. We should always try to ease the pain of those going through adversity whether we know them personally or not. But it does matter. The anguish and heartbreak of dear friends is hitting home. A friend in Pakistan has been touched by the looting and burning of more than 100 Christian homes by thousands of militants. Eyewitnesses also say that the military, police and rescue crews did nothing to aid or rescue those being attacked. CNN story

In a conference call to Pakistan, our friend, “T” said, “My heart is broken. I have seen the houses burned, the animals burned.” He spoke to his cousin who said he saw thousands of militants attacking again. “T” replied, Can I help?” His friend answered, “You are only one, what can you do?” To which “T” said, “I have Jesus…now is the right time to plant the Gospel.” He ended his words to us with, “Please pray for the Pakistani Christians. Please pray for those that are burning the houses and churches.”

The photo above is of “T” with two of his children photographed during a recent trip. All of the Christians have fled from his village. Only his family remains at this time.

(Canon 5D, 24-105 lens @40mm, 1/30 sec, f4.9, ISO 800)

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  1. Hi Gary,

    This situation is sad really (heart breaking), my family and I will stand in prayer for this nation.
    It is our mission.

    Thanks for inviting us to be part of this.

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