Pakistan: Facing a Giant

Christian man in front of mosque in Pakistan“M” (I can’t use his real name) stands dwarfed by this monolithic structure in Islamabad, the largest Mosque in Pakistan. Only 1.6% of the 170 million people living in Pakistan are Christians. As an Islamic-ruled state, discriminating laws against religious minorities are often used to persecute Christians and others. Frequently, the Pakistani government fails to provide basic human rights or protection from militant Muslims.

Growing up, “M” says his father’s encouragement inspired him to do well in school. His father was the head of a sanitation department whose faith, hard work, and support helped his five children pursue an education. “M,” the eldest, became a teacher, despite discriminatory setbacks that Christian students often face. He recalls a time in high school when a Muslim student pushed him, smashing his face into a water spigot, yelling at him for drinking from a water fountain for Muslims. “M” is now principal of a school that accepts Christian and Muslim students. He offers scholarships to poor children, regardless of religion.

If you would like to help persecuted Christians in Pakistan by supporting this school, please go to for more information.

(Canon 5D2, 16-35mm @16mm, 1/200 sec, f8, ISO 100)

Article ©Vivian Padilla-Chapman

Photo ©Copyright Gary S. Chapman 2009

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  1. Awesome photo. All your photos have been great, they have made me think and reflect… It’s such a foreign concept to Christians in America– having to go to church in secret, worship in secret, study in secret… How flashy our cars, cubicles, and body art become with our fish and crosses… How bold would we be if faced with violent opposition? To love Jesus and worship Him like the people in your photos is inspirational! Imagine how awesome heaven will be to those who will finally be able to worship Him freely?! To love Him without regard to ones own personal safety is true love! It’s what He did for us and it’s what these people do daily… Amazing!

  2. Jennifer,

    Thank you for taking the time to look, read, and comment. Your insight into the persecuted church is right on target. I am humbled every time I meet with them.

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