Zimbabwe: Feeding the Entire Person

School children drink high energy protein drink.

Girl students raising their hands in class in Zimbabwe.School children in rural Zimbabwe are dismissed for the day.The teacher told me that during the times of hyper-inflation and acute food shortages in Zimbabwe, their students had difficulties learning.¬†Hunger sapped their energy and ability to concentrate in class. Many just did not bother coming to school. Once the school began a free feeding program, the teachers could see a marked difference in their students’ performance. Today, the students receive a daily cup of a high energy drink that teachers say has turned the school around. It costs $1 per month per child.

(Canon 5D2, 24-105 mm f4, 1/100 sec, f5, ISO125)

(Canon 5D2, 50 mm 1.2, 1/400 sec, f1.4, ISO800)

(Canon 5D2, 35 mm 1.4, 1/400 sec, f6.3, ISO160)

Photo ©Copyright Gary S. Chapman 2009

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  1. Your work bring tears to my eyes Gary – both the written and the images. you are truely using all the gifts that our amazing God has blessed you with and you are using them for the glory of Him. Thank you for sharing with us and I pray God continues to pour out His blessing’s onto you and your family.

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