Inspiration: Dave LaBelle

Dave LaBelle | The Lesson from Francis Gardler on Vimeo.

This section of the blog, INSPIRATION, focuses on individuals that inspire us through their creativity, insight, originality, artistry and vision.

As a launching point for this blog series, I can think of no better inspiration than this video series about photographer/educator Dave LaBelle by Francis Gardler. Anyone who truly cares about people will come away from this with a truer and clearer vision about how and why to immerse ourselves into the daily lives of people. One of Dave’s main points throughout the series is for photographers to put themselves in the place of those they are photographing. We gain empathy for and sensitivity toward our subjects when we consider how they feel, what they are thinking and what matters to them.

I urge you to take the time to watch this entire series. Let Dave’s attitude, words and wisdom sink in and refresh you. I warn you, it is long for an internet piece. But, your time will be rewarded in a way that can’t quite be expressed in words. You just know, deep inside, that you are going away renewed and with a reborn sense of purpose.

Thank you Dave and Francis for your INSPIRATION.


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  1. Gary:

    This was indeed an inspirational video. Though this is the first time I’ve replied on one of your blogs, I’ve visited often as I find your photographs and words very meaningful to me.

    I especially appreciated Dave LaBelle’s focus on humor and compassion. Yes, I agree that the heart is, or should be, the main tool in meaningful photos. I see feeling in some of my photos, but not always. Ah, yes…it is a process.


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