Creativity: Parched Land Travels?


For people like nurses, lawyers, construction workers, etc., their jobs often require them to respond to outward circumstances. Their tasks are set before their eyes.  For “Creatives,” I mean people like painters, musicians, photographers, etc., making a living from their craft often requires them to respond to something that sparks from within, behind their eyes, within their soul. There seems to be a marked difference in the way these two groups of people relate and respond to their faith in relation to their work.

When all is well within, “creatives” have energy and vision from which to draw. If all is not well, too often there is just parched land from which nothing flows. While there are many seasons of life when all is well, there are plenty when it is not. At those times, “creatives” need a refreshing rain of encouragement from friends helping them to look to God. He is the only one who can truly satisfy the deep longing to be creative.

Vivian Padilla-Chapman


Just a quick note from me, Gary. Vivian is speaking from experience. I have entered that parched land many times. She has seen me succumb to fear of failure and lack of creative vision countless times. Fortunately, my faith in God as my source has become a reality in my life as I have gotten older.

Photos taken in Mexico.

(Canon 5D, 70-300 mm DO 4.5-5.6 @300mm, 1/125 sec, f5.6, ISO1000)

(Canon 1Ds2, 24-105 mm f4 @80mm, 1/100 sec, f8, ISO100)

Photo ©Copyright Gary S. Chapman 2009

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  1. As a fellow “creative,” I’m really feeling this one today. Especially when our creativity is also how we make our living. As the only “creative” in my organization, I’m surrounded by demands of creativity without any understanding of what it takes (physically, technically, emotionally, spiritually … and even time-wise) to meet those demands. The worst phrase any creative person can hear is: “Can you just…?” “Can you just shoot this for me real quick and email it to me? Can you just put together a postcard for this…. I need it to go out tomorrow. Can you just write a script for this. I need it in 10 minutes.”

    Creativity is, I think, a costly gift. And one I want to steward well. And protect from the “devourer”…

    Guess I need a vacation. Thanks for the vent!

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