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Depth of Field InterviewVivian and I had the honor of being interviewed by Matt Brandon of The Digital Trekker for his Depth of Field podcast series. He is an engaging and humorous host to say the least. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. We talk about shooting humanitarian photography, working as a team and family. Check it out by clicking HERE .

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  1. Gary, I loved this interview. My biggest take-away: decide what kind of life you want to live and build everything else around that. Can’t imagine better advice.


  2. I am ashamed to admit that I had never even heard of you before I heard this podcast. Back in December I went to Kenya and there was a photographer that went to cover the story of the work that me and my college group from my church was doing. With me being a photography student me and him talked and he ended up giving me this podcast. You know when God is good when He confirms your answers in other people’s lives. You and Vivian are doing pretty much what me and my fiance are planning on doing. So I want to thank you guys for giving me some what of a blue print (though things never go to plan, but it helps to have a back up plan).

    By the way I was homeschooled, woudn’t have gone any other way (and my parents were not the scary type haha)

  3. Hey Tyler…so sorry for the delay in responding. My blog was hacked and down for a bit.Keep in touch and let me know how your plan is going.


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