Haiti: Fasting and Praying

Worshipers gather daily outside the shell of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption to fast and pray. The cathedral, built in the 1800’s, was destroyed by the January 12th quake that also killed the Archbishop.

(Canon 5D2, 24-105mm @24mm , 1/800 sec, f4.5, ISO320)

Photo ┬ęCopyright Gary S. Chapman 2010

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  1. Thanks Michelle. One of the great things about the Haitian culture is that they don’t hide their true feelings. Everywhere we went you could easily see hurt, anger and even hope on their faces. Great people!

  2. Gary, thanks for sharing this image. I will also be traveling to Haiti later this month to do photography work. I hope I will be able to serve the people of Haiti as well as you do for so many around the world.

  3. Read your Scott Kelby Wednesday Guest blog post and was very encouraged by how you turned the downturn at the newspaper into something very positive and beautiful. Thanks for staying true to yourself and finding such a wonderful path… also I loved your parting words . . . “Be blessed and be a blessing!” it is so easy to forget that this is ultimately the reason for our blessings… 1Corinthians 1:3-7…
    I will definitely add you to my favorite blogs list…

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