Humanitarian Photographers Day 3

And now, for the final three, I want to introduce you to you Matt Powell, Matt Brandon and Esther Havens.

If you read Day 1 or Day 2 just skip to the photos!  Here is what I said yesterday. It still stands!

“How in the world do you make a living as a humanitarian photographer?” That is the question, implied or direct, that I get asked almost every week. My answers don’t always satisfy, so I asked nine photographers that specialize in humanitarian photography if and/or how they augment their earnings from this type of photography to sustain their business. OK, I really asked ten, but that last photographer never responded…probably out of Twitter, Facebook, email, phone and Skype range.

As you will see, these photographers have found solutions that are varied and creative. Passion drives this arena of photography. Resourcefulness sustains it.

I personally augment our earnings by shooting stock for Getty Images. Click on this link for a video of some of that work: Getty Images.

Make sure you check out the links for the featured photographers as well as their blog posts, podcasts and books. You will learn a lot and go away inspired to make a difference with your photography.

All photographs are Copyrighted by the individual photographers.

13 thoughts

  1. Great information. There is clearly a lot more that goes into humanitarian photography than most people know. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. It is interesting to see how the different photographers in this field all have alternative streams of income. It almost makes you think this is not the glamorous dream job for the world-minded photo-idealist. Ok, maybe it IS the dream job of the world-minded photo-idealist, but just not the “glamorous” part.

    Thank you, Esther, for saying “living simply”. It adds a touch of reality to what it really means to work in this field. For those who really are making a living off this niche of photography, it is most likely a prerequisite.

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  4. Gary – What a tremendous list. I’ve now bookmarked all three of these photographers.

    Esther Havens really puts it in perspective about the dedication and sacrifices that come along with following this path.

    Thanks for providing a resource to photographers trying to make a living in this field.

    – John Paul Henry

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