Home: Alone and not liking it!

Normally, I am the one to go out of the country while my wife Vivian, who only sometimes travels with me, minds all of the day to day “stuff” of the home. This week I have not been adding loads of frequent flyer miles to my account. I have been at home by myself and Vivian is in The Dominican Republic. I don’t like it. Eating by myself is no fun. I skipped running because who wants to do that alone. I watched a romantic comedy one night and almost lost it. I even caught myself talking to myself.

I miss late night cups of tea together. I miss discussing the book or articles we are reading. I even miss humdrum stuff we often do together like pulling the clean dishes out of the dishwasher.

This short (compared to my son who is in Iraq) time apart has at least refocused me a bit. What is most important to me? What is really worth my time and attention. I could go through a whole list of things, some truly valuable, but nothing compares to time spent with Vivian.

I miss you Vivian

And if there are any typos or grammatical errors in this post…well…Vivian is the one who usually does the editing and she isn’t here. One good thing about being alone…I can leave the toilet seat up without worrying about the consequences.

Photograph of Vivian in Puerto Rico (Nikon D3s, 24-120mm f4 @46mm, 1/160 sec, f5.6, ISO400)

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  1. I know that feeling, we can travel alone and do ok, but there is something about staying home alone that sucks and makes you want to watch a good old romantic comedy! I feel you bro. VIVIAN HURRY BACK, MY FRIEND NEEDS YOU!!!

  2. Gary, we feel your pain! Pat is back in Algeria and I stayed here in McDonough for the next few months! It’s only been 14 days, but it seems like it’s been 14 months! When we were in Algeria together, we became so very close, as we were co-workers, exercise partners, bffs, and each others entertainment! I tweeted the other day that it was hard to find balance without my big toe….Pat is my big toe, and I feel so lost! I’m thankful for Skype, and have a countdown clock that I look at every other day to tell me how much longer until I can see him…it’s great to see the days go down! We both feel lost without each other, but thankful that we are blessed enough in our marriage to miss each other this much! You will never hear either of us say to anyone that we need a break from one another! It’s only a short season, and I’m thankful for that!

  3. Oh, how I know the feeling. My husband is out of the country for 2 months with work.
    Brutal. We were apart this year for our wedding anniversary, Christmas, and New Years.
    Although we made the decision with this job together, still lonely being the one left at home.
    Makes me appreciate him more. All the best.

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