Kenya: Outpouring for Orphan Care

Two children at the orphanage air out their bedding.

Queen receives a toothbrush in 2008.

Queen in the hospital a few days ago.

A few days ago I received an email from a friend in Kenya telling of an emergency need for food and hospital care for several orphans. Vivian and I gave some, but knew more would be needed. I decided to share the need via Twitter and Facebook and within hours the immediate emergency need was met. You continued to give and now we have enough in reserve to provide food and care for several months. Vivian and I are grateful, but the 40 children at the home are even more grateful.

Emergency need met! Several months in reserve! But what happens next? How do we help them for future needs? Is there anyway to help the children become at least partially self-sustainable? It is the age old question of giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish. If someone has wisdom on this, share your ideas and questions.

We hope to travel to the orphanage ┬áto do individual photo stories on as many children as we can so that we can help match the children with families around the world that would like to “adopt” them by giving monthly support.

Thanks again for the tremendous generosity. Now, come together with us to help them help themselves.

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  1. Gary, talk to Jon McCormack at the Kilgoris Project.

    They’ve been working hard at sustainability, and their latest project, a tea plantation, is certainly helping. If you don’t know Jon already, I think you’ll find lots in common.


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