Israel: The Art of War

Pieces of rockets fired into Sderot, Israel from Gaza

I have only been to Israel once and harbor no pretense of truly understanding the horrors of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in and near Gaza. On a recent trip, I was shown the remains of the more than 6,000 rockets that were launched from Gaza into the Israeli border town of Sderot over the last seven years. Michael Kalicka, 73, told me that rocket attacks started after the second intifada, “Rockets rained down every day. Now it is better, but I still don’t sleep well.”

This Sunday, however, in response to renewed rocket attacks, Israel deployed a new anti-missle system called “Iron Dome,” an anti-missle system designed to shoot down the short range rockets fired from Gaza.

The horrors of terrorism, hate and war can sometimes be explored via an artistic approach. As I was looking at the rusting pieces of  spent rockets, I strangely saw the beauty of flowery twisted metal. I could not hear the screams of pain and fear, nor feel the frustration and hate that had sent the projectiles on their mission 


Michael Kalika, 73, speaks about rocket attacks.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. I couldn’t help but realize if you were any where near these when they fell you would have received some damage.

    Something tells me they don’t have bullet hole stickers for their cars like we do in America.

  2. Amazing. As you stated, it is truly ironic that such beauty brought such pain. Thank you for sharing the photos and your thoughts behind them.

  3. Gary, I keep coming back to this post and I continue to be moved by these images. I would love to purchase a few prints from you if you would ever consider that. Your art makes my heart break and hope at the same time.

  4. Hi Gary,

    Your pictures are really special. No further explanation is needed to make one realize the intensity of the conflict and its repercussions. Do you work for yourself and have you ever done an exhibit?

    Peace and smiles

    Ginger alias Ellen

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