University of North Carolina: Energized by Students

PhotoNight at UNC

Vivian and I appreciate photography lovers of of all kinds. We especially love talking with college and university students who are launching their photo careers. This year we’ve spoken at several schools where we’ve had the privilege of reviewing portfolios, and listening to the unique stories that have shaped these students’ path. It’s energizing and invigorating to see their projects and give feedback on their many and insightful questions.

Last night I spoke at PhotoNight at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about our journey from photojournalism to stock to humanitarian photography. The audience was attentive, enthusiastic, and even nice enough to stay for a group shot afterwards.

We continue to tell students that traditional routes to this profession are rapidly changing, but developing technologies are also creating different opportunities to carve out new directions in this field. If you’re interested in studying photojournalism at the undergraduate or graduate level, this school is definitely worth investigating. The faculty and staff are terrific. If you are particularly interested in multimedia, check out their multimedia projects.

Each school we’ve been invited to has a different photo emphasis, goal and time frame. Check out these links for the schools where we’ve spoken:

University of North Carolina
University of Florida
North Georgia Technical College
University of the Nations, Hawaii

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