Hawaii: Teaching Amid the Palms

SOP 1 Classroom-Photo by Bethani Montgomery

School of Photography 1 Class 2012-Photo by Josh Fletcher

Vivian and I love being guest teachers in Hawaii, at the University of the Nations in Kona. That’s easy to believe, right? For more than a decade now, we’ve had the opportunity to teach here for one week each January. Ok, it’s an awesome gig spending a week in a tropical paradise, but even if the school were in Alaska during the dead of winter, I’m sure we’d still love it.

Meeting so many international students and learning about their cultures is one highlight that draws us here. Eight nationalities are sharing their love of photography in this year’s class. You are as likely to hear Mandarin, Dutch, Spanish or German spoken as English while the students are working on their projects.

The School of Photography (SOP 1) condenses the basics of digital photography into a 12 week course taught by Dennis Fahringer, and several guest teachers. Stanley Leary and Louis Deluca will each be heading this way soon for a week of teaching. Stanley shares his lighting and business knowledge and Louis delves into photojournalism and story telling.

Vivian and I shared the basics of humanitarian, non-profit, NGO photography as well as touching on ethics and digital workflow. With the help of great sponsors we have also had some wonderful give-aways thanks to Think Tank PhotoNikonBlackRapid, and ShirtPocket Software.  Aloha!

P.S. The class was super special because our daughter, Sara Chapman, is one of several staff for this school!

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  1. hi gary,
    looking for stories about NGOs in India, i came across your blog and photo pages. AMAZING! that’s my india. i was drawn in to just keep reading and looking and now i know why. you, too, are a visiting professor at UofN in Kona. I have taught there many times over the past 15 years in the Authors Training School and the School of Writing. Also i have led Writers Workshops on the weekends. I also teach at YWAM Woodcrest with Janny Rogers. It was particularly fun to see your class photo above taken by Josh Fletcher. He was one of my students a few years ago. And on my last trip to Kona a year ago, I ran into him on Easter Sunday and got to bug him about getting his book completed and published. (UofN Dean Kenny Jackson was also one of my students.)

    when do you want to go to India? I have made 6 trips to India, my last was Jan/Feb 2012 and i hope to be returning Sept 2012 for my seventh. WIN India supports a home for 33 boys orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and has many other ministries and connections with slum churches, ragpickers children, village pastors, leprosy colony, and poorest of the poor ministries, plus, of course, YWAM Hyderabad ministries. let me know if i can help you with any connections for your trips. thanks for sharing and for all you are doing in kingdom ministries.

  2. Hello Elaine…thanks for looking at and commenting on the blog. YWAM Kona is a great place. I am supposed to go back in July. Josh was a student of mine too…many years ago. I am supposed to return to India with 6-7 weeks and then again in January. Thanks for making a connection. Blessings!

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