India: Hope for the burned

Arman, 2.5 years-old, is held by his aunt, Roshni (far left), while they wait to see a doctor a few months after his surgery. His mentally disabled mother looks on.

When Arman was less than two months old, a pot of boiling water fell onto his arm. The intense agony at the time of the accident was only compounded by his mother’s financial and mental inability to take him to a doctor. During the healing process at home, his forearm fused to his bicep and his thumb joined to his other fingers, leaving his left arm virtually useless.

Roshni, Arman’s aunt and caretaker, heard about a medical clinic being provided free of charge by Central India Christian Mission and the LEAP Foundation about 100 miles from their home. She made the long trek and Arman underwent plastic surgery by the LEAP staff. Roshni expresses her thanks in a quiet voice, “Surgery would have been too expensive…unaffordable. I am very thankful for the work done.”

But Arman and Roshni’s problems are not over. She continues, “I am very thankful, but I am all alone. I have no job. My husband left me and Arman’s mom is mentally disabled.”

Call to action: The medical specialists with LEAP Foundation are real heroes to children like Arman. Check out their work as they partner with Central India Christian Mission to restore lives.

Photograph ©Copyright Gary S. Chapman

(Nikon D4, 24mm f1.4, 1/2500 sec, f1.4, ISO 640)

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  1. Gary,
    Thanks again for featuring the work of LEAP surgeons in your blog. You do such excellent and compelling work.
    I had a wonderful visit w/Greg Matney while he was in Dallas. What a talented and godly man he is! His plans for the future of Aatma Vikas are exciting indeed. We hope to find a way to partner w/him more fully in the future. He spoke very highly of you.

  2. Thanks for sharing Gary. This is the story all over the world where perfectly curable ailments end up being disabilities for life. Kudos to the LEAP foundation.

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