India: Once an orphan, now a teacher


Anamika, 18, is a teacher at the orphanage.

Some of the hundreds of children at the orphanage.

Anamika teaching a class.

Living on her own as an orphan, Anamika was in danger of becoming a child slave like thousands of children in Chattisgarh, India. She often lived in the forest, home to Bengal tigers, with other children, scrounging for food and protection. But, an orphanage run by Central India Christian Mission intervened and gave her shelter, care and an education. Now, 18, she has returned to the same orphanage as a teacher. “I was determined to help these children stand on their own two feet.”

In speaking about her students she adds, “If these children were not saved by CICM, their situation would have been miserable. Most of them would have become child slaves or would have died.” Anamika adds that she gets paid a small salary as a teacher and is investing everything she makes back into her own education. “I will study more and then side by side I can teach these children more.”

Call to action: Visit and sponsor a child.

All Photographs ©Copyright Gary S. Chapman

(Nikon D4, 70-200mm f2.8 @200mm, 1/4000 sec, f2.8, ISO 1600)
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  1. It is great to see how CICM is being effective with so many kids, and especially Anamika. Thanks for telling her story. I’ve become a regular follower of you blog.

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