Hawaii: Eleven nations together

School of Photography 1-University of the Nations-Kona,HI-Photo by Bill Bangham

When Vivian and I teach workshops or seminars, we always try to memorize the students’ names on the first day. But, what would you do if you were confronted with first and last names like Gjermund, Ginta, Øystese, Nuualiitia, Shulgina or Dimakides?  Do you take the easy road and just say Mr. “G” or Miss “N?” Practice and phonetic cheat sheets are the only way to succeed here. Fortunately for us, English was at least a second, third or fourth language for all of the students. So, the only challenges we had to contend with daily were not flubbing the tongue twisting names and making sure we could explain English slang like, “make a killin.”

We had the privilege of working with students and staff from 11 nations for a week as guests teachers at the University of the Nations in Kona, HI. We covered Lightroom workflow, storytelling, and ethics in humanitarian photography among other topics.

We were there to teach…but we always learn from the students too. This class was no different. We were encouraged and inspired by their creativity, positive attitude and fearless goals for their futures. Below are just a few examples of their completed assignments.

Light and shadow by Allie Ladd

Light and shadow by Alyssa Fleming

Light and shadow by Felipe Matias

Capture a moment by Masha Shulgina

Capture a moment by Gjermund Øystese

The following companies generously donated their products as prizes for the class. Thanks so much to: Think Tank Photo, Carry Speed and Robert’s Camera.

Allie, a winner with Carry Speed!

Mon, a winner with Carry Speed!

Brittnie, a winner with Think Tank Photo!

Thanks to Roberts Camera!

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