Home: Summit 9 – A Time to Consider the Orphan

Summit 9 photo by Gary S. Chapman

You see the photos of abandoned, neglected or marginalized children. Your heart yearns to help, to wipe away tears, to fill up a few bunk beds in your extra bedroom, to take a trip to a foreign land to love on the less-loved. But how do you do this effectively ? Would your bumbling, but well-meaning efforts to help do more harm than good? What do you do about the fears of the unknown that start to strangle you when you try to make a decision alone?

The Christian Alliance for Orphans‘ annual Summit conference has become the de facto place for leaders and advocates of global orphan care, adoption and foster care initiatives to meet, share ideas, and give each other a helping hand. This year, Summit 9  will meet on May 2-3 at Brentwood Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. If you want information…this is the place. If you want support…you will find it here.

Vivian and I will be presenting a workshop, with an exceptionally long title, called Adopting a Photojournalistic Strategy to Share Your Message and Build Your Community. Essentially, we will be sharing how photos can help your organization build a well-informed, and committed group of followers. We will help you design a photojournalistic strategy to advocate your cause. This workshop will cover a range of topics from the importance of credibility, to the effect of cultural sensitivity as you share your message and reach your audience with impacting visuals.

See you there! Register HERE.


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