Hyderabad, India: Prayer

The heat, the flies, the people next to her…nothing distracted her from her conversation with God. She did not move a muscle. Others clapped, cried, and swayed to the music. In the crowd of over 400 Bible school students, she was alone with God. She stayed that way for the longest time and I kept being drawn back to photograph her, to capture her introspection.

India is such a visual feast of color. I was curious if my photos would still be interesting if I desaturated and toned them, reducing or eliminating their vibrancy.

If you would like to see more India photos in a Quicktime Movie, please go to India Movie.

(24-70mm lens at 66mm, 1/50 sec, f2.8 ISO 800)

8 thoughts

  1. This picture is so powerful! I enjoyed looking at your blog, Can’t wait to see more! Thanks again for being a great teacher! ~Bethani

  2. Mr. Chapman,
    Thank you for your input into our daughters life. Bethani Montgomery, a Kona student shared your site with us. We are very blessed with your pictures and the story that they have to tell. The India photos, the rolex, and the Romanian insane asylum were particularly touching and thought provoking.
    Grace and peace to you from our Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ,
    Ron and Yolanda Montgomery

  3. Bethani and all the students were a joy to be with. There is nothing better than teaching a group of students that want to learn. I was blessed. And, thank you for your comments on my photos.-gary

  4. Gary,
    This isn’t the first time I’ve come back to the computer with my only purpose to find this photo and meditate on it. There is something so drawing about it. And, after your description about all the things going on around her that never distracted her…it makes me want to be her in that moment. I love this photo. Thank you for seeing God in her and sharing it with the world. Your photos are a witness without your speaking a word.

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