Nepal: Friends


This photo isn’t part of any grand story I was trying to tell. I was taking a break from a shoot, eating momos (Nepalese meat dumplings) and relaxing on a balcony overlooking the town’s main square. I saw the two school girls walking home for lunch, engrossed in their own world. I grabbed a camera and shot two frames as the girls came close. This is not a photo that will stop wars, change the balance of world government or end poverty. It is a simple moment that shows a connection, a sharing between two young girls.

I often tell photo students that we should never say:

“I missed this photo because I didn’t have my camera with me.”

“I missed this photo because I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I missed this photo because I didn’t learn how to use my camera well.”

I then tell them the only reason for missing a photo is because God asked me to put my camera down.

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  1. This is good, Gary… Challenging! (But challenging is always good!) I admire the fact that you run after the passion God has placed in your heart, full force. Looking forward to seeing you at SOPII.

    You inspire me!
    Gina Crawford

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