Pakistan: Faces


The crowd was huge. There were more men waiting to receive the relief aid than there was actual aid. There was pushing, shoving and angry venting of frustrations. This man silently waited. And waited. Names were called and men picked up food to take to their families. This man went home with nothing. There just wasn’t enough.

This photo is part of a series of portraits done in far northern Pakistan, six months after the devastating earthquake that killed 80,000 people, where families are still living in tents.

If you would like to see more of the portraits in a Quicktime Movie, please go to Faces of Islam .

(24-105mm lens at 105mm, 1/100 sec, f4 ISO1600)

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  1. You’re a great photographer! I realy feel for the man who didn’t get anything. They all need a lot of prayer & helping actions.

    Keep it up! Be blessed!

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