Pakistan: The Imam Comes

An American from a Christian relief agency delivers food in Kagh

It is so rare for a Christian to be asked into the home of a Muslim and to be given tea and food.

It is rarer still for guests to be allowed to speak with openness about their lives and who Jesus is to them.

But this conversation was swiftly brought to a close when the local imam (leader in the mosque) came to the door to see what was being shared.

The man of the house quickly said, “We are Muslim and it is time for prayer.”

We had to leave.

If you would like to see a new movie of images from Pakistan please go to Pakistan, Thoughts and Images.

(24-105mm lens at 24mm, 1/30 sec, f4 ISO1600)

7 thoughts

  1. WOW…What a shoot, and the chance to meet with believers. I can’t wait till SOP2! See yas in a few weeks, Bethani

  2. It is not rare to be invited to the home of Muslims as you say. In fact, they are among the most hospitable people in the world. I really don’t know what makes you say that.

  3. Yes, I agree that Muslims are among the most hospitable. In fact, I am in Cairo at the moment enjoying the best of that hopitality. But, in northern Pakistan, I did not always find the same. And, it was rare to be able to share my faith as a Christian. But, hey, that could just be me as I am not the most social creature! I have to work on my hospitality…it doesn’t come naturally for me.

  4. When a person tells us that Christians are going to Hell I find that intersting. In Islam according to the Koran you are never assure of Paradise. As a follower of Christ I am assured of Heaven and delivered from Hell not based upon what I do but what Christ has done for me. By the way,I have met many wonderful people with different religions, however, one only needs to read any pape, news magazine, or watch a televsion news program and you will quickly see who is beheading or sodomizing non Muslims. Surely Islam is violent and is promoted as such with the Dar el Harb and the Dar el Islam.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    I hope you come back to this link someday to see this reply. It is really not about who is “best” as you say. We ALL deserve to go to hell. No matter how many good deeds we do on this earth, we can never earn Heaven. Eternal life is a free gift when we understand and accept the fact that Jesus died for us. We deserve to die, yet He died for us. Now that is a message of love. That is a message of hope.

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