Cairo: One Child at a Time

Sudanese refugees in EgyptWhat can you do when there are thousands and thousands of Sudanese refugee children in great need? “I’m just one person,” we all say. “The need is too great.” “What skills do I have?” Or God forbid that we do not even acknowledge the problem and just turn and look the other way.

These are some of the 2,000 Sudanese children that WERE helped during a recent medical and spiritual outreach in Cairo, Egypt. If you would like to see more of their portraits please go to Or, for a multimedia piece, please go to

(45mm TS lens, 1/200 sec, f2.8 ISO400)

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  1. I loved it over there! How was your trip, did you enjoy it?
    Hope to go back one day and be able to stay a little longer.

    What was your fav/part of your trip to Cairo?

  2. Cairo is an amazing city! while we were there we weren’t really working with refugees..i’m sure that was an amazing experience! i love the four pictures that you put up!

  3. Wow, Gary, I´m so inspired and touched. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts. Amazing work! I´m on a round the world trip now for the next six months or so…

  4. These are terrific portraits. It looks like the tilt-shift was fixed but I’m curious – how easy is it to react and change the tilt ‘in the moment’?

  5. Thanks. I left the tilt in the same place the entire shoot. But, for portraits I don’t think it would be a big problem to adjust as you go. Just remember, that these lenses aren’t auto-focus, so you have to control that aspect also.

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