Kenya: Originally headed for Darfur

I was supposed to be heading into Darfur. Then chaos and violence erupted in Kenya. No fuel was available for our charter plane. Instead of canceling the trip we decided to try and aid the IDP’s (Internally Displace Persons) that had fled from the fighting and were now seeking refuge in large camps around the country. Some estimates place the death toll over 800 and the IDP’s near 500,000. Take a look at each person in the video below and realize that the only number that matters to each of them is 1. If you would like to see a higher quality video than the one hosted by YouTube, click here.

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  1. Gary, thank you for taking me there through your e-mails and photos. It’s so easy to say God you know the situation – Bless….. but when you see the faces it becomes burned into our minds then into our hearts. Thank you for your updates – A part of me was there for a few hours… my heart will be there forever. Praying for the world to know Jesus Christ is the answer and Lord of ALL.

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