Kenya: Orphans


Miriam Wanjekeche is 26 years old and giving her life to 10 adoptive children. In this 3-minute video she speaks about her children and the hope she has for them. The still photos were shot at her home as well as three other homes we visited. Click on the photo above to view the hi-resolution video. If you prefer to view a low-resolution version please visit our You-Tube link by clicking here. All video and photos ©Copyright Gary S. Chapman 2008

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  1. Hey there Gary….WOW!!! Thank you for sharing this story, you did a beautiful job on telling it. There is always hope.

  2. I am moved by your photos.I am seeing it through the eyes of Jesus.I am called to go to the most destitute.Sometimes in the nature of my calling a bedside nurse I am not free to take pictures,but with your photos so compeling.I believe they will move people in a call to action.

  3. This is just amazing and heart-breaking)= Outstanding work! Our team will be doing a missionary team to help Kenyan families at the end of this year.
    God bless you,

  4. I am an atheist, religion doesn’t move me at all but as a HUMANIST your work makes me so angry because I sense the impotence of these people and that countries like the USA and the European community do nothing to remedy the plight of these poor human beings… (why? because they do not have crude oil)…carry on with your excellent work bringing to light the injustices in this world, your photographic reports are heart-rendering.
    Thanks to Johana Hernandez for sending me your link.

  5. Hello Gary. Do you have contact details for Miriam? I want to ask my son if his school here in the UK can do some kind of fund raising for these orphans. I myself spent 18months in Kenya and was there during the clashes so know exactly how difficult a deal these kids get.
    Sorry I cantmake a cast iron promise but I’ll try.

  6. I absolutely love your work! I have felt God’s call on my life and feel Him leading me into the mission field. I am a photographer and would absolutely love to do humanitarian work for a living! What an awesome thing to combine both of your passions! I love my clients that I work with, but this would be considered my long-term goal! I will be praying for you!

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