Hawaii: Class salutes David


Last year David duChemin of www.pixelatedimage.com and I had a great time teaching at the School of Photography, University of the Nations, Hawaii. This year he wasn’t able to make it but, nevertheless, his wisdom is still being imparted to the new students via his book, Within the Frame. It is required reading for all.

Vivian and I had a great week teaching to and learning from the students. We always come away both exhausted and energized from these intense teaching experiences. Click on the Vimeo link below to see a short timelapse created for David’s benefit as a class exercise.

Video and stills  ©www.garyschapman.com

Thanks for the wisdom, David from gary s chapman on Vimeo.

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  1. David… I don’t know you, but I’m in that class and am reading that book and you are the man!

    I’m from Mt. vernon, wa. Just south of the border… any way I could come up to Vancouver and run into you to pick your brain. NO worries if not. I know you are a busy person.

    thanks for your insight through the book!

  2. Sharis. Thanks for the kind words. Drop me a line when you’re back home. Be happy to get together with you if I’m around at the same time. Give my blessings and regards to Dennis.

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