Visitors: First 100


One year, one-hundred portrait sessions, 114 visitors (actually 115 since one was pregnant)!

The first 100 in one year of shooting is over. We had planned to quit, but realize what a fun community has been created. Quitting now is not an option. We thank each and every one of our visitors. It was a blessing and honor to have you in our home. We look forward to many more visits.

Please take a moment to check out the multi-media of the First 100 shoots. Just click on the movie below.

Visitors-The First 100 from gary s chapman on Vimeo.

All photos and video ┬ęCopyright Gary S. Chapman 2010

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14 thoughts

  1. What a fun project! So many great portraits… and for your family, so many great memories.

    I have to admit that your photo of the baby-girl crying made me say ‘awwww’ out loud.

  2. Thanks Paul…yes I used Final Cut to put this together. The title intro was done in Motion, part of Final Cut Studio. If you are in Atlanta, come visit and be part of the second 100!

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  4. Love this concept and the photos and video are a great way to chronicle those we come in contact with everyday. Curious – where did you find the music? I have tried “googling” Latino Neighborhood, but nothing comes up that is remotely close to what you have here.

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