PORTRAIT: Morning Milk

Young Indian girl in the rain on her way to get some water buffalo milkPortrait of Rashmi: With the early morning rain pattering on the plastic bag that covered her head, Rashmi, 8, shared “I’m on my way to get a cup of (water buffalo) milk from a neighbor before I go to school.” Rashmi lives in a small village in Central India.


Thoughts and Technical: The rain clouds opened up when I arrived at the village to take some “getting ready for school” shots. I admit I was pretty bummed out because I had wanted some awesome sunrise glow for these shots. You would think that I would remember that bad weather produces some of the most interesting light and moments. But, no, I had to fight my preconceived ideas and wants and go with the moment.  Nikon D4 with a 28-300 lens at 100mm,  3200 ISO, f5.3, 1/60 sec. I don’t normally travel with this lens but needed to save weight on this trip because I was also bringing a Fuji XT-1 to test. FYI…the 28-300mm worked well, but does not focus near as fast as the Nikon 70-200mm. And FYI#2, the Fuji has a lot of promise as a travel system, but I want to also test the Sony A7 bodies before I invest any more in the Fuji gear.

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