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World Vision Donors

Stories on this blog are normally of people whose lives are changed as they get help from organizations.

Today I wanted to share some faces behind the scenes.  Every group has a community of supporters. These folks aren’t normally in the spotlight. They are the ones who give time, money and other resources to change lives, and by giving, their lives are also changed.

My hope in sharing these photos from a recent World Vision assignment is to encourage you that you don’t have to have a lot to help others and that each one of us can be part of making an impact on someone’s life. If you are interested in finding out more, click HERE.

Earline Jefferson

Having grown up in the Great Depression, Earline Jefferson learned from her mom to give even when you don’t have much .


Jeannie Wang

Jeannie Wang runs marathons with Team World Vision and organizes others willing to run to raise support.

Amalia Byerts

Consistency is sometimes more important than amount of money. Amalia Byerts has been sponsoring children since 1953.

Bill and Arline Jenkins

Bill and Arline Jenkins continue to support World Vision because they know helping a child helps an entire family and village.

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