India: “A princess should be treated with dignity and respect.”

Tammana is encouraged in her studies by Lashi.

Riya and Lashi walk out of the school building after classes.

Elasha and other girls in class at Bal Bhavan.

Esha works on a problem during her computer class at Bal Bhavan.

Lashi , Director of the Bal Bhavan Children’s home  in Central India, has spent her life encouraging and creating opportunities for underserved and orphaned children to thrive. It is her passion and her life’s calling. She’s sure that the care and guidance they provide for these children now can empower their future and transform their communities. This is key, especially for girls. 

“In India and many other countries, women are not given the same privileges and rights as men. I don’t want the girls in our home to be raised with that type of mentality.  I want them to know that they are strong and that they can have great opportunities.  We teach them all that they are daughters of the King of Kings, which makes them royalty.  A princess should be treated with dignity and respect.  We want every girl that comes through Bal Bhavan to know that she is loved, valued, and has the potential to do great things for our our country, our world, and His Kingdom.”

Lashi says that many of the children they serve were street beggars. “They didn’t know when they would get their next meal. They didn’t know what their future looked like,” she continues. “Bal Bhavan is a place where kids can come, have a home, have a family, be loved on, get good education. Our base focus is to raise those kids in the love and fear of God and to be shining witness of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“One of our greatest joys is to see some of our kids, who have been at the home from an early age, and have graduated now. Some of them are wanting to become nurses, some doctors, some pastors. It makes us so proud of them…it is so overwhelming to see them making this decision to serve God through their lives…”

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