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  1. Hey Brother, I am getting back into the saddle after a Hiatus and heading into Pakistan back up to the mountains. We will be checking in on the places we went to and then heading to the school and doing meeting in the different cities. Does this sound like something you would be interested in. It would be an honor to have you at my side for the start up ride. Looking at October around the second week to head out for a few weeks. let me know and by the way I am even answering my phone now. The valley has been deep but I am looking down on it now.
    Run to the Battle!

  2. Gary:

    Imagine my surprise when I googled you and Vivian and found your web site and saw that great photo from 1978. I am sure you remember the impact that photo had on the community of Brooksville.

    I still have the original photo from the newspaper. It’s a little worn and tired, but it’s a great reminder of the things we did.

    I am glad that life has treated you so well. Looks like you have had many great advetnures traveling the world. I am still in the newspaper business in central Florida. I’ve been publisher at the daily paper in Crystal River for many years and we have a nice group of weekly papers that goes up to the Florida panhandle.

    All the kids are grown and doing great things with their lives.

    Gerry Mulligan

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