1) So what’s this God thing you keep mentioning? I believe there is a God that loves us passionately. He will never force anyone to come to Him, but is always ready when we are. If interested, check out the book of John in the Bible. My desire is to have God’s fingerprints on everything I do. I mess up a bunch, but He doesn’t hold grudges!

2) Programs used: Photoshop CC and Lightroom, Final Cut Studio, Keynote, Evernote, Tweetdeck, SuperDuper

3) Countries traveled to: 69+ with the favorite always being the last one I visited!

4) Languages spoken: 7 including Farsi, Mandarin and Urdu…just kidding…just English and a good-enough-to-survive Spanish ability.

5) Workflow: Ingest via Lightroom as DNG files, Tone and keyword in LR, Final edit in Photoshop if needed. Archive on Drobo and offsite drives.

6) Power in the field: Always carry an inverter for car charging as well as a Solio for solar charging.

7) Cameras used: Moving back into the Nikon camp with D4’s and D800’s.

8) Model Releases: Here is a good link to a Getty standard release. Also, I use the Iphone App, Easy Release.

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